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Additional services


Besides the facilities and activities we offer including the price, there are also some additional services which make your stay in Casa Latina more comfortable.


Airport pick-up

To make it easier to travel to our guesthouse, we offer the airport pick-up from the airport in Guatemala City. Our contact in Guatemala City is Lorena from hotel ‘Dos Lunas’. When you arrive in Guatemala, someone from ‘Dos Lunas’ will meet you at the airport. The arrival time doesn’t matter, but if your flight arrives early in the morning or during the day, they can take you directly to the bus station where you can travel to Quetzaltenango the same day. If your flight arrives later in the day, you can sleep at the hotel which is definitely the easiest and most comfortable place to stay on your first night. The next day, someone from the hotel will drop you off at the bus station to travel to Quetzaltenango.


Voluntary work

If you want to help the local people in Guatemala, we can help you to find a suitable social project for your abilities and desires. We have a lot of contacts in very different directions like clinics, schools, childcare, orphanages and farms. We will be glad to help you with choosing the right project.  


Reservations of lodging, transport and tours

If you like to get familiar with Guatemala and its culture, Casa Latina can arrange lodging, transport and even tours for you. Wherever you want to go, we would be happy to help you!


Receive phone calls and letters without any costs

We understand that keeping in touch with your friends and family is important during your stay. When you stay in Casa Latina, staying in touch is very easy. You can receive phone calls and letters at the office of Sol Latino without any costs. 


Laundry service

Sol Latino is working together with a laundry service in Quetzaltenango. They offer this service for students, but also when you stay in Casa Latina you can use this service. You can bring your dirty clothes in the morning to Sol Latino and the next morning your can pick them up clean, dry and folded. The average price is $2 per machine. A part of this price is used to help social projects.


Cell phone rental

If you would like to stay in contact with your family and friends from wherever you are and without buying a cell phone, we offer you the possibility to rent a cell phone for an economic price: less than $2 per week!