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At Casa Latina you have the option to pay per night, per week or per four weeks. We have a discount if you pay four weeks at once. It is also possible to stay with two people in one room. The prices will be shown in the schedule below.



Price per night, per room

Price per week, per room

Price per 4 weeks, per room

1 person





2 people






We charge $30 deposit per room which will be returned when you hand in the keys and if the room is in good condition.



1 dollar = 0,7 euro

1 dollar = 8 quetzal

(average exchange)


Payment options

To pay your stay can be done by different ways and is possible per night, per week or per four weeks. The possible ways to pay are:


-          bank transfers by internet

-          international bank transactions

-          cash (US dollars, euro’s or quetzals)

-          traveller cheques (in dollars)


In Quetzaltenango are many banks with ATM where you can withdraw quetzals with your debit- or credit card. Visa is the most accepted and recommended card to use in Guatemala. You can also changes dollars, euro’s or traveller cheques (in dollars) for quetzals.